Venue – Smith park Broadmeadow

Times – 4pm, 445pm > onwards (pending teams)

Day – Thursday afternoon

Ages – U8 – U16 boys, girls and mixed

Cost – $75 (active kids vouchers welcomed, no refund on active kids)

Uniform – Teams organiser own shirts, shorts/tights $30 must be worn.

Start date – 28th Jan 2021

End date – 1st April 2021 (finals)

How to register:

Please go to https://sportfix.net/NewcastleJuniorOztag to create your team. You will get sent an email after this and with your team code you pass onto all players to register in the team. If you are joining a team you must get your team code from your team organiser and click “join team” only.


  • Please read junior FAQ and conditions of play on the website drop downs. They have very useful Information.
  • Teams MUST have a PARENT organiser to be entered.
  • All registrations are online.
  • Shorts can be purchased at the canteen or at shorts nights. CASH ONLY.
  • Shirts must be organised by the team organiser. They must all be the same colour/design and have iron on numbers on the back.


  •  We happily accept individuals however you will need to register via https://sportfix.net/NewcastleJuniorOztag
  • Click “join team”
  • and add this team code in cm234527asem
  • you will be charged a registration fee and placed into an individual list when you click the age of your child wanting to play.
  • You will be contacted by a team organiser when found a team.
  • If we cannot find you a team you will be fully refunded.