to either register a Team or register as a player into a team that has been created click the link above.

  1. You will see options to Register New Team or Join Team – click register new team if you are creating a team. 
  2. Team Organisers when registering a team can send the players in the team the code that they will be provided once the team is registered this is sent to them via email so please ask your team organiser for the code to register.

For the team organisers of the teams that have already registered you can obtain the Team Code by Logging into your SportFix account:

  • Go to My Teams (from the Profile Icon in top right)
  • Locate the team you wish to manage
  • Click on View Team
  • Click on Team Member Registrations in the Competition window towards bottom of screen
  • The screen that appears shows you the code to send to players
  • It also shows you who you have invited and who has registered.

You will need to create a SportFix account, follow the prompts to do so when they appear.


Team Organisers can now:

  1. Register your team
  2. Obtain a code that you can send to players so they can go and register themselves.
  3. Manage your team moving forward including adding additional players and removing players who withdraw.
  4. Add additional Team Admins to assist in managing the team

Players can now:

  1. Register themselves into a team either from an email that is sent from the system when the team organiser adds them OR
    By entering the code the team organiser provides to them
  2. Pay their registration online, including using Active Kids vouchers
  3. Register into multiple teams from the one application.