Thank you for taking our registration kit for our Competition. We supply this kit so that organisers get all relevant information. Please read all pages carefully as they all make up part of the rules and regulations of the Newcastle Oztag Association.

  • Team organisers can now access system to see who is in your team and paid for.
    Juniors registrations can be made at
  • One person (team organiser) creates a team and signs up and pays for themselves.
  • A code will be sent to team organiser and they send it to each player to sign up and pay online.

Please assist us in our efforts to administer the competition in an efficient and professional manner.
Newcastle Oztag Association will handle all administrative matters concerning the competition and referees, all queries should be directed to the Competition Co-ordinator for clarification or further assistance.

You cannot assume that playing in previous competitions will guarantee your team a spot in the next season.


  • All players must be paid for prior to taking the field to play.
  • Active kids vouchers are accepted online.
  • $75 pp for both competitions.
  • You can have up to 16 players in your team but we recommend at least 10 players.

If you have any problems in getting players or understanding any of the supplied information then please contact us on 0401279544. If you have problems contacting us please leave a message and we will get back to you ASAP.


Wet weather games maybe called off for many reasons, not only because fields are closed. Please see dates of comp as three wet weather games are allocated for the season. There will be NO REFUNDS for games being cancelled due to weather conditions.

Website and Facebook will be updated if games are cancelled due to weather. Please do not contact before
2.00pm, or go to


  • Only players registered in a team may play for that team. Penalties for teams playing players not registered in their team will be severe.
    If an unregistered player takes part in a game (no matter how long) or attempts to, this means comes to canteen making out they are someone else,or signs on for a team or team member that is not them, you will be deemed unregistered.
  • If caught 6 weeks suspension to unregistered player and 4 weeks to delegate of the side unregistered player played in and loss of 6 points to that team and his own team he is registered in.
  • If a player plays in multiple sides the suspension will be enforced on one of the sides that the player plays in on the night of infringement. If more then one player is caught playing unregistered in one side, rule applies for all.
  • You as a delegate need to make sure everyone is aware of rule and never assume that all your players are registered, especially late players “ask the question, have you paid and filled in rego form?”
  • If a team has no points or less then 6 point deduction they will go into minus.
  • If you are found to have fill-ins in the semis/finals team will be disqualified.


  • Under no circumstances will we tolerate abuse or unruly behaviour toward our referees, players or officials.
    Referees do their best; if you think it was a bad decision, just remember they are human not robots and will make mistakes.
  • As a result of ongoing foul or abusive language towards or referees, players or officials and fighting between players, we the organisers have the right to enforce tougher suspensions without prior notice to delegates or adding to conditions of play. Please see new rules for misconduct.
  • If you have any major concerns or problems that need our attention, please put in writing and we can address them.


  • These rules are available on our website; they are graded from 1 to 5. We are following Australian Oztag policy, no punch policy.

• Prior sin bins and send offs, will affect the length of suspension.

• If you are sin binned or sent off and ref asks for your name and shirt number and you refuse to give correct name, will result in an extra 2 weeks on top of automatic two weeks suspension.

• If you do get sent off and get a suspension, this means you cannot play in any team you are registered in. eg; if you play men’s and mixed, you cannot play either till your suspension is finished. So, think before you ACT. A 2 WEEK SUSPENSION ONLY, APPLIES ONLY TO THE TEAM YOU PLAYED IN PRIOR TO SUSPENSION.


  • A referee may send you for a P.O.T., the duration of which is at his discretion. You must remove your tags and hand to the referee and take up a position behind your opponent’s goal line.
  • Any player sent off for the duration of the game will incur one of the following below The remainder of the game being sufficient penalty, OR Automatic 2-week suspension or if more severe it will be reviewed by Newcastle Oztag competition Organisers.
  • 2 weeks suspension only include played games not forfeits or byes,washout games. If a player plays in multiple teams and is suspended the suspension will carry across to all teams they play in.This is over and above a 2 week suspension
  • If you are in any doubt with any of the above, please get your CAPTAIN to check with the referee after the game or with the Competition Organiser.
  • Players informed by Referee that they will be refereed to the Oztag Organisers will be contacted by them regarding their case. If in doubt about send off circumstances please check with the Competition Organiser before leaving the fields.


The Associations rules regarding player’s uniforms are listed below for your benefit. It is your responsibility as Team Organiser to ensure your team abides by the rules. The Rules state that all players must be correctly attired in the team’s uniform. Teams have until round 3 to compile with the below uniform requirements.
Specifically, this means:

  •  All shorts & tights worn must be official OzTag garments or you cannot take the field.
  • No shorts will be loaned out.
  •  All participating players are to be correctly attired in team uniforms approved by the Association.
  • Uniforms consist of upper apparel (shirt or singlet).
  • Shorts (or tights for female players)
  • Shirts must be able to be tucked into shorts.
  • Jumpers and hoodies may be worn under team shirt/singlet, however hoodies must be tucked under shirt/singlet.
  •  No swapping of shorts/shirts on sideline is allowed.
  • Incorrect shirts/singlets from round 3 teams lose one point per player and for finals NO PLAY.
  • This means all same colour and design, no different shades of colours. With iron on numbers or screen printed/sublimated. No texture or painted or tape numbers.
  •  For teams benefit we suggest that all teams have a min of 2 extra shirts/singlets in a regular size incase shirts/singlets get ripped or lost. Footwear – Shoes without screw-in studs or cleats are to be worn by all players. Light leather or synthetic boots with soft moulded soles are permitted, providing individual studs are no longer than one (1) cm in length, the measurement being taken from the sole of the boot.
    No player is allowed on the field without footwear.
    Playing barefoot is not permissible.


  • All players are to wear an identifying number, not less than sixteen (16)cm in height, clearly displayed on rear of the upper garment.
  • Numbers may be positioned on both sleeves as an alternative means of numbering providing the numbers are not to be less than eight (8) cm in height.
  • Iron on or sublimated/screen printed are the only ones accepted.
  • If you have no number loss of 1 point after round 3, but that player must have a number the following week otherwise 1 try will be deducted each week until correct.
  • Jewellery and Fingernails – Players are not to participate in any match while wearing any item of jewellery that might prove dangerous. Long or sharp fingernails are to be trimmed or taped.
  • Hats are to be worn backward or must have soft peaked hats.

Sunglasses/safety glasses cannot be worn. Prescription glasses may be worn at your own risk.


Playing gear is available for purchase from the canteen;

$30 Black Tights
$30 Shorts

Team shirts are at your own expense.


  • Teams have five (5) minutes before a game is declared a forfeit. A team requires five (5) players to take the field, (4 for u/8 division).
  • 30 min games (15 min halfs).
    Newcastle Oztag reserve the right to alter these times as required.


  • Win 3 Points
  • Loss 1 Point
  • Draw 2 Points
  • Bye 3 Points

Forfeit, the team that forfeits received 0 and the other team receives the win (3 points) for and against zero for team that forfeited and five for other team.


Teams who forfeit a game without notice will be fined $25 for the forfeit. This must be paid prior to taking the field before your next game. Teams must notify us before 4pm on day of play or above penalty applies.
After three (3) forfeits the team will be dismissed from the competition, NO REFUNDS will be issued. If you are having problems with player numbers please see the committee, we may be able to assist you.

Teams who forfeit semi finals will not be eligible for finals or grand finals.


If a team falls below five (5) players due to injuries or P.O.T’s (Period Of Time in sin bin) they may continue the game. If they choose not to continue they will lose the game as a forfeit and receive nil (0) points. If a team falls below five (5) players because of players dismissed for the remainder of the game the non-offending team shall be declared the winner. The offending team will be given nil (0) points and the non offending team will be given three (3) points and either a 4-0 win or the score at the cessation of the game, whichever is the greatest advantage to them. If the referee abandons a game the committee will decide the result at a later date.

If a game cannot continue due to a bad injury, the team leading at that time will win the game.


Top 2 on the ladder grand final.


If there are drawn games during semi finals or grand finals then the following will apply:

Teams will go straight to golden point first team to score win the game.


If you have any enquires please see us. All problems can be resolved if they are approached in a rational and calm manner. ABUSIVE OR FOUL LANGUAGE TO ANY STAFF WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
Complaints are to be directed to Oz-Tag Co-ordinator in the first instance.


Newcastle OzTag provides a first aid person to attend to injuries. If you need strapping, bandaids etc please bring your own, as first aid supplies are for injuries only on the night This treatment is limited to basic first aid only.

Please note the following:

  • If there is an injury in your game you must notify us and the referee, we cannot view all games and see all injuries. If you require treatment at your field get someone to come up to the canteen and we will attend.
  • If the first aid officer believes an ambulance is required they will ASK the injured person if they would like an ambulance called. If they do not want an ambulance called we generally will not call one as there is a cost for the ambulance that the player is liable for (it is not covered by the OzTag insurance). The exception to this is if the first aid officer believes the player is suffering a life threatening injury/illness.


  • Insurance forms must be completed correctly by all players and handed in at registration. It is critical that these forms are completed otherwise player’s claims for injuries may be refused. Players should look at carrying their own insurance, as the OzTAG Player Insurance Policy is limited.
  • We cannot accept forms if there are mistakes which are crossed out. You must fill in form correctly.
    IMPORTANT: Please make sure you make a copy of your registration forms so you have correct information for the next season.
  • Your team can now purchase top up loss of income cover for $110 (inc GST) per team. The standard insurance covers you for death (including permanent disability) and non-Medicare medicals (ie: Physio, dental etc), IT DOES NOT INCLUDE LOSS OF INCOME COVER. You can purchase this cover by completing the form available from website.


The injured player must report any injury sustained whilst playing the game of Oztag to game officials or referee immediately.
Please go to our website for all information.


  • We have assigned Covid 19 officers walking around with sanitiser and can answer any questions you may have. They will also be there to move you on if loitering or doing the wrong thing
  • Please see our info board and abide by our rules for our competition to be safe for all players and staff.
  • Game times and fields will be on draw, no need to come to canteen. Go straight to field. We will advise if any field changes.
  •  Reminder that all players need to sanitise their hands before and after half time and at end of games. The ref and covid officers will do this for players as well.
  • Please bring a team sanitiser bottle for your team, or bring your own.
  • Don’t share water bottles.
  • Balls will be sprayed with disinfectant before game/half time/ fulltime.
  •   Reminder to get to games not any early then 15 mins before your game start time.
  • Please stay in car until current game as finished and wait for those players to leave.
  • We will have a window of time for this to happen.
  •  No spectators allowed. Juniors, one parent can attend.
  • If you have children and both parents are playing, the children can be on sideline but please abide by social distancing rules.
  • Players no high fives/handshakes/spitting.
  • Reserves on sideline to maintain social distancing.
  •   Please vacate venue immediately after your game. Do not loiter in a group.
  •   Players playing in another time slot later need to return to car and wait.
  •  If you require playing bottoms you can purchase at canteen, but we still do only have cash sales. No drinks or food will be sold.