Where is Newcastle Hunter Oztag played?

Newcastle Hunter Junior Oztag is an after school competition played at Smith Park Griffith Rd Broadmeadow.

How much does registration Cost? 

Newcastle Hunter Junior Oztag is a 8 week competition (Top 2 1 week grand final).

1 week allocated for washouts.

A one of Registration fee of $75 per child per team per season. No other fees are collected at each game.

Active kids vouchers accepted online (no refund for active kids vouchers).

Playing shorts/tights & Shirts

Children will however need to purchase Official Oztag shorts/tights to play if they do not already have them ($30.00)

Teams arrange their own Team shirts.

How long does the season run for? 

Start date – Thursday 28th Jan 2021

End date – 1st April (finals)

How long do the games go for? 

Games run for 30 minutes (15 minutes halves).

What time are games played?

445pm onwards

** There is no set time for specific divisions. Teams may play in any of the allocated timeslots listed above**

How does my child join? 

Please click here to start the registration process.

Can I receive a discount if I register more than 1 child?

Discount for families registering 4 or more children will apply. Please contact Rhiannon on 0401279544 to discuss.

Am I able to register my child as an individual player?

Yes, we help place children individually into teams. We do our best to place your child into a team we hope they will feel comfortable with. Please go to and click on “join team” then add this team code in cm234527asem to register your child. You will be contacted by a team organiser if your child is found a team. If not you will be fully refunded (unless using a kids voucher we cannot refund you).

Can I make sure that my child is placed into a team with their friend?

We have no problem with making sure friends are placed together into the same team as long as they are eligible to play in the same division.

If however, your child’s friend has played for a few years and is already in a set team,then you would need to speak to the Team organiser of that team to see if there is room for your child to play. Your child’s friend will have this information.

What division should my child play in?

Year Born:

2013 turning 7 in 2020 under 8
2012 turning 8 in 2020 under 8
2011 turning 9 in 2020 under 10
2010 turning 10 in 2020 under 10
2009 turning 11 in 2020 under 12
2008 turning 12 in 2020 under 12
2007 turning 13 in 2020 under 14
2006 turning 14 in2020 under 14

– 2005 turning 15 in 2020 under 16 & 2004 turning 16 in 2020 under 16

For 16+ Contact Senior Competition

Will my child need to be graded?

Newcastle Hunter Junior Oztag does not grade players.

Oztag is a recreational sport designed for children to make up teams so that they can play with their friends.

We have teams made up from school class friends, winter sport teams ( netball, Rugby league, Rugby Union, Soccer etcc..) and from individuals signing up.

My son met friends whilst playing Representative Newcastle Hunter Oztag last season.

They have decided to form a team. Is there a limit on the number of Representative players allowed to play at Local Level? 

Newcastle Hunter Oztag has needed to put rules in place since the Representative Side of Oztag has grown. In the past we have monitored teams registering to make sure teams were not stacked with players that have represented.

Playing Hunter tag at Local level is meant to be fun and with friends. Beating teams 20-Nil is not fun. Its boring, Healthy competition is what we aim for at Huntertag.

Taking the main players out of teams to build one team is unfair and hurts the local Competion Level.

 New Rules now in Place

  1. No more than 4 Representative players can play in one side.

Exception to this rule: More then 4 Representative Players can play for one team if they were a team in the previous season and players were selected from their team to Represent. For eg: If a team that registered to play in the 2019 season had 7 players selected from their team to play Representative Oztag at the end of that season, then those 7 players can still remain together as part of a team in the 2014 season. However, if one of the Representative players does not return to play for their team in 2014, then  they cannot replace that player with another Representative player regardless of what division they played for.

 Does my child need to attend training each week?

No training days are scheduled for Huntertag players. It is up to individual teams to arrange their own training days if they choose to do so. The majority of teams, do not train at all.

What gear does my child need to wear to play?

Every child needs to have Official Oztag Shorts/Tights  to play ( Shorts $30.00- Tights $30.00). Available at Venue when competition is played & at registration .All players must wear same coloured numbered shirts ( team delegate to advise).

  • No metal or screw in stud type shoes allowed.
  • Touch football or soccer boots recommended.
  • Sandshoes are allowed but not recommended due to players not having a good grip.

Who & What is a organiser (team contact)?

They are our Team Contact. Delegates are not coaches.

They may help the team by substituting players during the game & usually at the beginning organise shirt colour and team shirts for them. Some teams put too much pressure on the delegate believing they are there to coach the team.

Remember they have kindly put their hand up and given up some time to be our point of contact to make life a little easier for the players/parents. Offer them assistance.

Does Huntertag provide Coaches? 

Being a recreational sport, Huntertag does not have coaches, We ask for parents to help by being a delegate of the team and in many cases, the delegates of teams are Mums/Dads. Coaches are provided at State Cup level.

I have seen parents on the field. Do we have to be on the field with our children ?

Some mums and dads, like to go on the field to help the younger ones. We allow 1 person from each team on the field to help guide the children but only for the 8’s and under. Parents do not need to be on the field so dont worry if the other team has someone on guiding their children.

The referee is there to control  the game and will help guide the younger ones. Parents are not allowed on the field once our Finals Series starts.

Who do I ring to advise that my child can’t make a game?

You must ring and advise your team contact. Do not contact any staff at Huntertag as they wont be able to pass on the information due to the amount of calls and other responsibilities they have to look after.

I only have 1 female player and 9 male players. Would this team be classified as a Mixed Division ? 

Only 4 male players maximum can take the field in a mixed division.

Female tries are worth 2 points in a Mixed Division.

My daughter is playing in a Boys team ( Boys division). Will she be awarded 2 points if she scores ? No, she wont. Girls are only awarded 2 points for a try if they are playing in an official mixed Division.

My daughter wants to play in a boys team. Can she?

We do not encourage this, however, if the team is already organised and the players are happy to have a female play, we will allow it. A declaration will need to be signed by the parents stating that they are aware there daughter is playing in a Boys division & we will need to approve this prior to placing a female into a Boys division. A maximum of 2 females per team is allowed. We understand that some circumstances are different per team and will look at each submission separately.

My friends child’s team has a coach and they train each week. How is that possible if Huntertag do not supply coaches?  

We have a number of children that may play together in a Winter Sport and wish to stick together in the off season by playing Huntertag. You may find that some teams have their Winter Sports Coach staying with them in the off season. Many Junior Rugby league coaches like to use Huntertag as a training tool and it’s a good way to keep their team together.

How many players are allowed on the field?

– U/8  are played on a mod field with 6 players on the field.

– All other age groups are normal size field with 8 players on the field.


 If you have a questions that have not been answered on this page, please email us <>and we will be happy to answer it for you